This is a collection of fun games, cartoons and coloring pages for you to enjoy. Dewey & Splash are learning all about water, so why don't you watch and learn with them?

Wat'er You Drinking? (cartoon) Watch this cartoon where Splash shows Dewey the steps to Scientific Inquiry in a water testing lab!
5 Steps to Scientific Inquiry! (game) Help Dewey & Splash remember the five steps to Scientific Inquiry as they explore the water testing lab!
Splash Coloring Page! (coloring) Print and color this scene from "Wat'er You Drinking" where Splash is relaxing in the warm summer sun!
Water Cycle Puzzler! (game) Dewey and Splash wanted to play at Art Van Atta park, but the rain clouds were moving in. Help them solve the puzzle!
Dewey Coloring Page! (coloring) Print and color this fun picture of Dewey brushing his teeth... Make sure you only use the faucet when you need it!