Hi there! I'm Dewey, and my best pal is a fish named Splash. We both live in Montgomery County, Ohio and we have lots of fun adventures together. Splash knows a lot about water and she's always teaching me about how important it is. You might think she just feels that way because she's a fish, but water is super duper important to people too. We both need water to live!

We became best pals when I asked for a fish for my birthday. The man at the pet store told me she was pretty smart for a fish. I had no idea what he really meant! Splash knows all kinds of things and she can talk to me in her own special way. Sometimes she even does some silly stuff!

It's a good thing that Splash is here to help me learn about water. I want to do my best to care for the water in Montgomery County. Splash tells me if I care for the water here in my own home town I will end up taking care of the water everywhere else! That's really cool! Water matters to all of us.

Maybe Splash can help you learn too!

See ya around!

Dewey And Splash