General Facts

  • 75% of the earth is covered with water
  • 97% of the earth's water is in the oceans, leaving only 3% available for drinking
  • Although a person can live without food for more than a month, a person can only live without water for about one week
  • An elephant is 70% water!
  • Human blood is 83% water, the human brain is 95% water!
  • One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds
  • Raindrops are not tear-shaped, scientists, using high-speed cameras, have discovered that raindrops resemble the shape of a small hamburger bun
  • Every person in America uses about 160 gallons of water a day, 2/3 of the water your family uses is used in the bathroom
  • Families turn on faucets about 70 times a day

Local Facts

  • The great lakes form the largest fresh surface water system in the world. If all the water in the Great Lakes were spread evenly across the continental US, the ground would be covered with almost 10 feet of water
  • Lake Erie has 2,250,000 acres; Ohio has 133,000 acres of inland lakes, and 7,000 miles of rivers and streams!
  • Montgomery County...
    • ...has 1,187 miles of sanitary sewer
    • ...has 31,000 manhole covers
    • ...has 10,000 fire hydrants
    • ...has 1,180 miles of water line
    • ...has 14 water tanks and reservoirs
    • ...treats 28 million gallons of wastewater a day
    • ...gets an average of about 39 inches of precipitation each year
    • ...primary ground water source is the Great Miami Buried Valley aquifer
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